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Oh but hey dang something really cute happened today!

At the café where I work, lately there’s been this little gaggle of preteen girls coming in during the early afternoon to get frozen hot chocolates (the most delicious chocolate milkshake with whip cream you can think of). And I always make them for these girls and chatter with them while they wait at the bar about 1D and trips they’re going on and how I get to drink all the leftovers from the blenders. Haha.

And today they gave me this little rainbow loom bracelet out of the blue ;u; A little present

Aaaa I love my job on days like this I’m just so happy ♥

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Here was our group at DashCon! From left to right:

redfoxindy, zenami, myself, caariosamu, Paige, themoreyoustrex, mercifulvoodoo (sitting down), and Katie!

I had so much goddamn fun with you guys ;u;

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I found Zenami! #dashcon #WTNV

Favourite person ♥

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The sad tale of Cecil, Daniel, and the forlorn ball pit.

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Had SO MUCH FUN cosplaying Producer Daniel and meeting the WTNV cast again!! (Joseph, Meg, Cecil and Dylan pictured above, and I think a blur-shaped Jeffrey in the bg of the one with Meg). Got some really great pictures this time.  Also, everyone is so much taller than me, except for Mara, which brings me solidarity. I am a tiny android.

(photos by themonsterghost)

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It’s a rad day for flower crowns B]

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It’s a great day for flower crowns *u*

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The girlfriends celebrate Donut Day!

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This makeup fixative is really good because I’ve been touching my tired face a lot and I’m still an android

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It’s donut day and I’m Canadian. I have obligations