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My prints arrived today! Merci, mortisghost! Gonna put them up over my desk!

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gf drew all over my hand

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so this is my hair’s natural state of being, when i do absolutely nothing to it

think i could pull off Dylan Marron’s haircut?

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This is matcha green tea white chocolate??? Davidstea is blowing my mind this week

Also have some green for St Paddy’s I guess, haha

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good things come in the mail <3

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My Gentleman Clappy arrived only two days after my Vault Symbol pendant did! Coincidence? Hell naw! Excuse to dress up like my Vault Hunter? Hell yes! #paisley #aussielife #orangtintedlenses

Thank you so much Aspan and Allison, you are amazing xoxoxoxo

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Did it!! <3 It’s very fresh and still a little rosy, but the artist did an absolutely amazing job of it. It’s sharp and exactly how I designed it. Augh, typography. Kerning. Inspiration!!

"We understand so much. But the sky behind those lights—mostly void, partially stars—that sky reminds us that we don’t understand even more.”

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I stole Bunny's ears ;3

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tchy asked: 11. I demand pictures of the fluffy marshmallow.


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Haha, good morning. I kind of look like the epitome of bedhead lesbian this morning =u=