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It’s been a while since we had a bad sniper pun.

Editor’s note: THANK YOU

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Remember when I used to admin tf2memes and I was 100% all about Sniper piss jokes

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god bless the pyro

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"What does the T in TF2 stand for?"

"Ten Snipers"


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anyway here’s wonderwall


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Scouts Honour

“Those other mercs just don’t know how to appreciate nature like you do. Plants, animals, naturally occurring ammo and health containers, NATURE has it all!!” 

Yo! So a while back I made this neckerchief thing for scout. I was never really happy with how it tuned out. I recently picked it up again and finished it off, and I’m quite happy with how it’s turned out.

It’s up on the workshop now for anyone that wants to vote/comment on it

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Kostamoinen makes great videos. I just love how the Sniper tries to calm the Spy down. They’re so damn precious.

That’s because they’re husbands and Sniper is the only one who can do that.

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졸려서 더는 못그려….O<-<

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This is Sniper’s right thumb I’ve seen in various sfm photos. Did he hurt his thumb or something? His thumbnail is all black but the rest of his fingers/nails are fine looking.

Please explain?

His sniper rifle has a manually operated bolt action on the right-hand side. The bruise (a subungual haematoma) is caused by trying to reload too fast (too many people wanting him dead on the battlefield?) and getting his thumb caught in the sliding mechanism.

image (Gif by Coverop.)

Watch how his right hand moves to pull back the handle, unload the spent cartridge case, and slide the fresh round into the breech:

image (Gif by Payface.)

The bolt-action mechanism looks something like this (source: wikipedia) - it is allegedly quite painful to get your fingers pinched in it:


That’s Valve for you - completely ridiculous canon, perfectly detailed character designs.

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