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Track: Hooked On A Feeling
Artist: Blue Swede
Album: Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1
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Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede


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Scout getting away from a pyro?

i was thinking about the CTF-well map while making this
i indulged in playing round with a few water textures 

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zenami asked: DUDE. Have you seen Maleficent yet? Because I totally think you should cosplay Diaval. You would look SO GOOD. And it would be a fun exercise in prosthetics!!


I have not! I will totally catch it on DVD though.  So this is the guy? He has markings / scars? :D  Unless I am missing a cooler form he has?


Well his other form is LITERALLY a raven, but he also has a crow’s foot marking/scar on his chest, and a lot of really good costuming. That picture also doesn’t do justice to the glory of his beak-nose.

You could also do some really neat mid-transformation effects, like dermal feathers or crow eyes!

But you should DEFINITELY see the movie because his character is DELIGHTFUL and also the whole thing is wrapped up in super cool celtic faerie mythology.

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Luigi by Beto Garza / Tumblr

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The one thing i really friggin hate about youtube comments on my type video is that maybe 3% of them are actually about the type. The rest is fanperson shipping squealing

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So several rp blogs I follow have gotten anon hate as of recently and that ain’t cool yo.

Go send markvincentofdesertbluffs, and officialvoiceofdesertbluffs some love. (Did I forget anyone? I think Chris’ were jokes.)

Go tell these cuties how wonderful they are!!

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I’m learning to like my face.


Mostly because so many of you do.


And I’m slowly learning that I can be as attractive as the woman I am


As the man


Or woman


I sometimes pretend to be.


Thank you.

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Fun Skitch Font Family (11 fonts - 82% off)

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Download it here:

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none binary with left girl