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impxrfectcarlos asked: nami you're so freaking precious how dare

Naw >u>

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larissafae asked: u heard me. u hella


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Mark’s looking like Maes Hughes more and more each day

The resemblance is uncanny

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Idk, I feel cute tonight

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Track: Disney's Hercules - I won't say I'm in love
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at least out loud i wont say im in love

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Video Game Meme / Male Character [2/7] → Thane Krios

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wetwork replied to your post:I’m in this weird spot right now with art, where…

I know EXACTLY what you mean. If you feel like you want to talk it out, let me know, we’ll go chill somewhere for a while and commiserate

might take you up on that later this week, tbh.

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I’m in this weird spot right now with art, where instead of feeling motivated by all the really cool typography and character illustration I love, I’m kinda… looking at it, and sighing, and wondering what the point of producing my stuff is when there’s all this great stuff out there already.

And like, objectively I know that’s stupid, because there’s always gonna be something out there that I think is better than what I’m making, and people are just gonna keep making stuff. But I’ve been struggling with a sort of stagnant moodset where i’m having trouble feeling original or particularly creative.

I get home from work and sit down at my PC and I kind of just… space out. I feel like I’m running on empty all the time, and I’m not sure what kind of fuel I need to restart my engines. There’s a lot going on in my personal life right now, I guess—I’m really broke, living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to buy myself groceries and pay my phone bill, I’ve had a rocky relationship status experience recently, and I’m just… tired. I feel tired all the time and I wanna sleep.

I want to get back to feeling productive and creative and motivated… I dunno, maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s that I spend all my time isolated in my room because my PC is up here and I have to keep the door shut so the house cat doesn’t try to eat my bird. I can’t really afford to go out anymore… feel like I’m waiting for the rest of my life to start.

Keep on telling myself next year will be better, but I always end up telling myself that around September.

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Positive Vibes Only by Sergio Malashenko

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As the mayor of Cake, this is all I ever wanted.