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mercifulvoodoo asked: Really glad I'm not the only one who gets hot and bothered by fonts. -snorts-

Nanami Rounded and Rockwell are sexy, ok. I JUST. HNF. LETTERS.

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Anonymous asked: i really love luciano but im not an artist but if i was i would draw him all the time!!!!!!

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Sitting here trying to get into the drawing ZONE and augh. so difficult right now. My attention span is so toasted, it’s so hot and uncomfortable in here. Why can’t my PC be in a fridge.

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i hope probably trashed luciano’s personality but i don’t care cause he’s beautiful


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#luciano is a literal songbird. #wtnv #wtdb

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Anonymous asked: Is it alright to ask what you will be cosplaying at FanExpo? Will it be from WTNV?

Chances are I will be bringing my Animal Crossing Villager mascot cosplay, and a basic Cecil Palmer for my lazy days. uvu I was considering a Man in the Tan Jacket if I can find a good briefcase in time. I’ll probably post about it here if I decide to throw together anything else.

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Nami | Dandroid: I am a rectangle \o/
Amp: FUck yeah you rock that rectange
Nami | Dandroid: literally, same measurement all the way down
Amp: You WRECK that TANGLE
Nami | Dandroid: WRECK THE TANGLE
Nami | Dandroid: OH
Nami | Dandroid: I'm using that forever
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existentialcatastrophy asked: nami! everyone is talking about tiny dogs the strexfam owns!!!! what would Luc have? (Sergio's pug and Diego's Yorker named princess, divinas Pomeranian) I must know for science!!!

HAHA Oh, god. Luc hates small dogs. Hates them so much. He’s really more of a cat person, but he’s totally allergic, so that’s awkward. I think the smallest dog Luc would be willing to own might be a daschund, since they’re relatively cat-like in their behaviour and thay’re a warm, cuddly breed. Yeees.

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#Luciano pen #doodle at work… sweet musical scientist bee

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It’s real! #tattoo #tatt #inked #stars #poetry #sarahwilliams #arm #zenami