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zenami asked: Of course I remembered you're running, Marcus. I mean, you've got my meaningless vote. Let me know if you need any more campaign flyers, I'll accept signed photographs of your incredibly wealthy face as payment :]


You’ve got yourself a deal, dollface!

((No but I may be squealing a bit right now. You’re one of my favorite artists in the fandom :D))

dollface!! ohh mr. vansten, oh~

and gushes wow ;//u//; thank youuu

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Vote for Marcus Vansten!

Vote for Hiram McDaniels: [x]
Vote for The Faceless Old Woman: [x]

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My gf just reduced me to incoherent yelling by enabling my toddler!Carlos headcanons, I hate children but oh my god, tiny Carlos continuously asking his family “Why” and singing the days of the week in Spanish while drawing with crayons

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Return to Bricksburg in the SPACESHIP.

Didn’t think we had a gifset of this yet, so here you go.


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Steve (and Bucky) in Pacific Rim AU as i promised~
Please dont ask me about the timeline’s functions in here~ i have no plots, storyline n whatsoever, just wanna have some funXD. n had joke with my friends yesterday, they Jaeger would be named: American DreamsXD

All my art series based on My MarvelxPacific Rim Crossover verse, can be found in: kaijuBuster-verse!tag

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imagine your OTP taking a bubble bath together

okay, continue

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For two days, we surveyed the fan presence for the narrative podcast Welcome to Night Vale here on tumblr. Commonplace Books’ horror/mystery series follows the broadcasts of Cecil Palmer, a radio host in the town of Night Vale. Cecil’s dynamic with his boyfriend Carlos is a frequent feature on the show and has been a point of contention with homophobic bloggers on the site before, but now it seems WTNV’s diverse cast and progressive stance has attracted a new kind of scumbag attitude. 


So, is the WTNV fandom community racist? 

We asked the tags if they thought the community that formed around Night Vale had turned unwelcoming towards people of color and interpretations of figures on the show as characters of color — and, specifically, if they’d seen accepted white supremacist and overtly racist attitudes in what should be safe fan spaces. For a show as progressive and accepting as Night Vale is, the results were upsetting. 

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There is something really funny to me about my stepdad saying he would settle for being “perfect beautiful Carlos”